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Yes, you. We’re continuously trying to find new authors. If you’ve got an inspiration which will challenge our readers and move our industry forward, we would like to listen to regarding it. However, you don’t need to expect an inspiration that may redefine internet design. simply aim to bring readers a contemporary perspective on a subject that’s keeping you up at midnight.


Content Guidelines:

  • All submissions should be original content that you just own the rights to which hasn’t been antecedently published.
  • The article should be minimum 700 and (+) words.
  • Please, reality checks your story and supply sources for all of your information.
  • If you include pictures, you need to own the rights to them.
  • Images should be high-resolution and should be standard pixels wide.
  • Submission of a post doesn’t guarantee it’ll be published on Bebeautyz. Our team will reach out if we’d prefer to run your story!

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