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Lip Discoloration
Lip Discoloration

Lip Discoloration – Best Home Remedies To Get Rid off

Does your lips discoloration (color) have changed? There may have several reasons of lip discoloration. It is rarely a sign of oral cancer, but if our lips turn into whitish then it may be a cause of oral cancer and should be checked out by specialized doctors. There is no major symptom associated with lips discoloration except bluish-hue or purple tinge.
This is when we see a change in color of our lips from its natural look. Lips may turn into darker or lighter from the original color. Both men and women may suffer for lip discolor but women have the propensity to suffer for lip discoloration. Other than that people with darker skin tone are more prone to skin discoloration. Age doesn’t matter lip discoloration.

Causes of Lip Discoloration

In many cases, we find lip discoloration it is usually an indication of some hormonal changes. But other times it could be the result of sunburn, extensive smoking, changes in diets, etc. For African-Americans, it usually happens due to hereditary reason.
Lip Discoloration – Best Home Remedies To Get Rid off
For women, lip discoloration happens due to some hormonal change. Women with darker skin tones are more prone to lip discoloration due to hormonal change at different ages of the life. Usually, hormonal change happens due to following reasons:
  • When your baby is producing more estrogens during pregnancy period
  • Due to taking birth control pills
  • Due to receiving hormonal therapy for any other treatment
Women who wax lighter hair around their lips may cause lips discoloration. Lip discoloration may happen due to acne treatment, because after acne treatment if your lips expose under the sun for the longer period then it may turn into darker. Even without acne treatment, your lips may discolor due to sunburn for a longer period.

Extra Reasons for Lip Discoloration

  • Due to extensive smoking, your lips may turn into darker in color which is now a day major reason
  • Drinking excessive amount of tea or coffee is also a major cause of changing lips color
  • Having an excessive amount of food which contains the high volume of iron may also lead to darkening your lips
  • Chemotherapy treatment is also a major cause
  • Rapid heartbeat and excessive sweating is also responsible for changing color at your lips
  • Regular use of low quality of lip-liners and lipsticks may cause of changing the natural color of your lips which is also very harmful to lips in the long run because it may even cause serious skin disease
  • Being exposed to the cold for a longer period of time may also cause to have a blue-hue on your lips
  • Lack of hemoglobin in your blood cells which is also known as anemia may cause for turning your lips color into purple from the original color. It is often happened due to iron deficiency for the women during the reproductive period.
  • Suffering from oxygenation problems like dermatitis and jaundice may result in a bluish-hue and purple tinge on your lips.
  • Taking excessive alcohol may also cause for changing your natural lips color. The certain type of illicit alcohols may contain acidic substances speed up fermentation lead to dark your lips from natural color.

Treatment of Lip Discoloration

Lip discoloration depends on the cause of the problem. Different problems can solve in different ways like:
Home Remedies To Get Rid off - Lip Discoloration
  • If it happens due to hormonal change then in most of the cases it disappears of its own over time with little or no medical treatment.
  • If you have a darker skin tone then you can treat it by using any product containing a topical retinoid, hydrocortisone, or kojic acid.
  • Some physicians suggest using lip products contain SPF 15 or higher before going out under the sun for the longer period of time to avoid your lips from changing color by sunburn.
  • If it happens due to smoking then it is better to quit smoking or cut down. It is important to know that if this symptom shows then in future smoking may cause oral cancer.
  • If it happens due to excessive drinking of alcohol, tea or coffee then you should quit or reduce taking those to resolve the problem.
  • If your lips color changes due to anemia then you should take iron supplements. But before taking iron supplements, you should consult with a physician to make sure that this problem is happening due to anemia.
  • To avoid problem-related to oxygenation, you should do exercise every day for thirty minutes that ensures all parts of your body is getting adequate oxygen.
  • Women who use low-quality lip-liner or lipstick should stop using those below quality one.

Home Remedies for Lip Discoloration

There are some home remedies you can use to resolve the problem like:
  • Make sure that you take a lot of water which will help you to avoid from unnecessary dark spots on your lips
  • Avoid eating or drinking excessive hot food that will help you to face this problem
  • Use good quality lipsticks and lip-liners especially herbal or natural beauty products
  • Use lemon juice on your lips which will keep your lips fresh and cool
  • Apply Aloe Vera gel on your lips to fight with changing the natural color
  • Apply the lime juice on your lips before going to bed which will help to keep your lips fresh
  • Use the paste of honey, yogurt, and pulp of ripe banana on your lips
  • Rub Vaseline on lips every day to preserve the natural look of your lips
  • Apply white toothpaste on your lips once in a week to see any results.

Naturally Lighten Dark Lips or Lip Discoloration – Best Home Remedies:

Lips are very important part of our body. Buy changing habits, caring during the critical time of our life, and using some low-cost natural items we can keep our lips fresh and may avoid some serious diseases like cancer. So we should take care of our lips to pose our personality and safe life.

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