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White Spots on Lips
White Spots on Lips

7 Causes of White Spots on Lips Easy Treatments

Weather white spots on lips are harmless or not, nobody wants to have them. Discover different types of white dots causes and learn how to cure and treat them. Could white patches, dots or spots are due to herpes? White spots due to canker sores and oral thrush. Also due to HPV STD, Fordyce spots, oral thrush and mucous cysts. Even causes of oral cancer. Lips, use as a main part of communication. Lip discoloration can make you feel embarrassed to communicate with others.

Causes of White spots on lips (Treatment)

Causes of White spots on lips
White spots can be tiny, little or large in size. Like, raised a pimple or bumpy. Even could be non-raised flat type also. Spots lessen the color of lips and sometimes appear on whole lips. While some types of lip bumps are harmless and weak. But, no way to ignore.
They could be due to a life of threatening illness. That’s not good and so painful. Not only on lips. In Fact, some white spots appear on the face also. Seeking specialist and stay healthy.

1. Causes of Fordyce Spots on Lips

Fordyce Spots looks likes a small (a bleak pimple, yellowish, White spots) or bump-like dots. Fordyce white spots on lips or granules could be shown on vermilion border. [IE.] between the normal lip skin part and your lips colored part with Keen demarcation. This spots called sebaceous prominence also.

“Yellow-white, Pale red, skin colored bumps and spots that appear on the shaft of the penis. The scrotum, labia or the vermilion border of the lips of a person’s face.” – According to healthrid.org

Causes of Fordyce Spots on Lips
Harmless white bumps are tinny (1 to 2 millimeter). Variations in a different age, white spots getting bigger in old age. Whatever, it can be single bums or can 1000 bums on the lips. Fordyce spots are Painless and harmless. They are not lead or connected with any disease, infection or illness. These Fordyce spots don’t bear any symptom like cancer or STI.

Treatment of Fordyce Spots on lips:

Generally, Fordyce white spots on lips treatment will not be necessary. But common treatments are electro-desiccation. Use micro-punch technique and pulsed dye lasers. Anti-sebum, creams and Chemical peels can also be helpful. Fordyce granules and Dark Black Spots are looking like an oil gland. Which is a reason for the variation in the pigmentation and skin complexion? Nothing has to worry about that.

2. HPV (Human papillomavirus)

Human papillomavirus (HPV) – It’s one of another cause of white spots on lips. About 200 different HPV strains are causes for HPV infection. Even sometimes they are visible in another part that linked to mouth cancers. It’s due to Cancer of vagina, anus, vulva, penis, oropharyngeal and as well as cancer of cervix also.

“HPV is an STD that transmitted and intimate skin to skin contact. You also getting HPV from vaginal. Even anal or oral sex, with someone who bears this virus”. According to cdc.gov

HPV transmitted from infected one to another. Using same spoons, drinks sharing and others common to using same cups, glasses can be causes for HPV transmitted. Even lip kissing can be a good reason for white bump on lips.
White spots on lips are a very common issue and born especially on the inner part of lips. Looks like very small or sometimes different from cauliflower. HPV is an important fact for the white dot on lips. So treatment will be a better solution to irritate them. Be save from painful white bum.

Treatment of HPV Spots on lips:

Major number of HPV is very weak. Even some HPV virus vanished without any kinds of treatment. HPV vaccines can help you to remove genital cancers. HPV vaccines help to reduce risk from cervical and oral cancer. Cervical is due to HPV oral infections.

Note: In case of ulcer or sore, if it doesn’t go away within 2 weeks, then ask your doctor.

3. HSV virus (cold sores/ fever blisters)

Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is one of the possible causes for the white spot on lip. Cold sores or fever blisters around the mouth and nose is the symbol of HSV virus.
Herpes simplex virus (HSV)
HSV1 is the main causes for Yellowish white areas on the lip. This may appear on corners or around the mouth, like tiny white blisters. Blisters appear on the lip line. Sometimes on the upper lip and sometimes it’s can be on the lower lip.

Treatment of HSV virus:

Never force to remove the blister from the lip. If it won’t come out retinol or Exfoliation can apply but seeing a doctor or specialist will be best for that.

4. Milia – small and hard to touch:

Milia appear as white spots on lips looks like whiteheads on lips. It looks like small hard white spots/bump. Those found in the groups of clusters. They are causes for “keratin” that should trap beneath the surface of the skin.

“Milia spots can occur on the cheeks, mouth, and even mucous membranes of the body. If you have little whitish headed bumps that keep on coming and going away, Then its Milia. Milia associated with “small, hard, white bumps.” According to Paulaschoice

Milia a very common issue for baby’s white spots. Even appear at any ages like parents, teens, and others also. It’s shed off when skin cells were in trapped. Lip care product, sun damage, allergic and toothpaste are also blaming for Milia virus.


Exfoliation would be the best treatment for Milia. If Milia won’t come out, don’t force them. Consider seeing a doctor or specialist in dermatologists for removal.

5. Oral thrush on lip:

Large numbers of white spots on lips are harmless genetic variation. Example, some people have birthmarks or moles as like as white bump on the lip for you. Thrush called fungal infection. It’s can be caused by white lesions. And the lesion can appear patchy when it’s on your inner and outer part.

Oral thrush(a fungal infection). Who can causes of white lesions on the lips, mouth, gums, and tonsils? – According to healthline.com

There are lots of strain are causes for Oral Thrush. Candida albicans is one of them who associated with oral thrush. Especially of those people who use birth control pills, corticosteroids or antibiotics.
Furthermore, Diabetes and during pregnancy can increase the risk of having oral thrush. Oral thrush cause for some others illness also. Example Dry mouth,
  • Cancer
  • Anemia
  • HIV/AIDS infection having an organ transplant
  • Wearing dentures

Treatment of oral Thrush:

Anti-fungal medications (liquids, lozenges) can be a good treatment for managed Oral Thrush. Can see a doctor if its take long time to go.

6. Allergic Reaction

Burning sensation white spots on lips or rash are common symptoms of contact allergy rash on the mouth. Even peeling and Allergic contact with some irritants like mica chemicals titanium.


Using steroid cream and antihistamines helps to remove allergy and glomming on the lips. Also, help to get prevent a white bump. Remove contact with the allergen can cause the first place of rash.

7. Oral cancer

White bump appears on the face and looks like raised texture or flat. The first-time bump seems like painless. But sometimes it may reason for bleeding or ulcerate. It could be a due to oral cancer. Bumps tend to grow, and they are hard.
Causes of Oral Cancer

Possible Causes of Oral Cancer (Apart from family cancer history)

  • Chain smoker
  • Sun exposure
  • People who drink excess
  • HPV (human papillomavirus) infection Positive


Chemotherapy or radiation therapy can apply to see cancer growth. But early treatment can help you to beat them.

Note: You should only worry if such a spot won’t go away and it grows since it could be an oral cancer sign. – “According to helpfulguides.com

When to seek medical help

White spots on lips are not a serious reason for seeking emergency medical help. You can make an appointment with a specialized doctor. First confirmed you have following symptoms along of white bump on lips
  • Painful bump
  • Bump bleeding
  • Neck swelling or Jaw
  • Swallowing or chewing trouble
  • A sore throat or fever
  • Feeling (if something caught in your throat)

If white bumps don’t remove with 2 weeks then make an appointment to see your doctor.

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