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Lips discoloration
Lips discoloration

8 Warning Signs of Lips discoloration

Signs of Lips discoloration always not harmful. We often overlooked the indicators of ill health. You lips-used as a diagnostic tool. Your lips are a valuable way of determining what your body needs.

Here is what you should know for better health:

Lips Discoloration

The natural color of the healthy lip is pink or red. If you notice any change in color of your lips-take a note. It may turn into brown or bluish-grey.
Slightly blue lip used to show the signal of anemia. Anemia is known as the iron deficiency. It may also happen due to lack of oxygen in your blood.
Warning sign of lips discoloration you may also find flat black spot on your lips. That is known as lentigo. It may be a cause of the long-term sun exposure. It may also a cause of certain systemic diseases. Several medications may cause discoloration of your lips. Smoking and alcohol abuse also cause discoloration of your lips.
You need to consult with a physician to solve the problem.

Red Ring Sign of Lips Discoloration

Red Ring Sign of Lips
Red ring sign of lips discoloration around the mouth is known as “red aura”. It is often caused by the allergy. The allergy usually comes from soy, wheat, sodas or dairy. Some people are especially sensitive to benzoic acid. That causes sodas to be fizzy. Diet is the best solution for removing this “red aura” from your lips.


Pale lips can signal a change in the redness of your blood. It happens due to the oxygen level of your body. It shows a shade on the lips due to underlying tissue color and blood flow.
Poor heart condition and lung problem are mainly responsible for oxygen level of your body. It may also happen due to poor thyroid function.


Tender lips are warning sign of lips discoloration that usually accompanied by other symptoms. Like Cold score or swelling should give you the indication of the key issue. It may be a signal of mild allergic reaction and milia on lips. It may also be a signal of the sensitivity of something topical. Your lipsticks or glosses may be a cause of tender lips. It may also happen due to your balms and toothpaste. They all are prime suspects of the tender lip.
Sunburn may be another cause of tender lip. Because our skin is so thin on our lips. This area would be affected faster than the other parts of the body. Some color pigments of beauty products are also responsible for tenderness.

Cold Sores

Cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus. Those are annoying and unpleasant. They are also highly contagious. So be careful! If affected, this virus will remain dormant in your white skin on lips system. But it can flare up every now and then.

The small blisters develop on the lip or around the mouth. That often starts with a tingling, itching or burning sensation. This virus may activate by certain triggers. Such as lip discoloration cream, sunlight, fatigue, menstruation, or in women. The cold sores are not a harmful virus. Lips losing color may signal you are in stress, run down or need to sleep. Cold sores usually cleared up within 7 to 10 days without any treatment.

Swelling - lips losing pigment

About lips discoloration sign Swollen can be a result of a variety of conditions. Maybe, you are suffering from a white pimple on the lip, allergic reaction or sensitivity. It may happen due to food or other substance. If you feel itching, pain or hive, then consult with a doctor.
Infection like herpes simplex virus may also cause swelling of the Purple Lips. Pain or inflammation in the other parts of the body also causes swelling of the dark black lips sometimes.

Cracking around the mouth

It is a very painful sign of bottom lip discoloration on African-Americans. It causes due to various nutritional deficiencies. Vitamin B complex and zinc are important to solve this problem. Besides, consumption of too much vitamin A may also cause lip cracking and purple spots on lips. Crack lips are also a sign of diabetics sometimes.

Dryness and chapping

Common reasons for Lip Dryness
These are most common lips discoloration related problems. A white pimple on the lip is often caused by sunburn. Purple lips in adults are mainly signed of dehydration. Dry lips also show the deficiency of healthy and gut-friendly bacteria. Your toothpaste or lips cosmetics may be causing persistent chapping. Stop licking your lips and use lip balms.

Things to do for healthy lips:

  • Drink adequate amount of water to keep yourself hydrated
  • Protect them from lips sunburn
  • Apply natural and homemade products and toothpaste
  • Reduce stress
  • Have adequate sleep
  • Eat well balance diet
  • If natural and homemade solutions don’t work, then consult with a doctor. Think again before lip discoloration surgery
The healthy lip should be pinky-red, soft and smooth. So, try to maintain your lips healthy.

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